CAMRA's Top 40 Campaigners August 2011

PAUL AINSWORTH (Cambridge) Paul is recognised for his tireless campaigning on both a branch and national level. Paul takes a lion's share of pub visiting in his rural branch, including newsletter delivery and surveying. He is also the chair of the Pub Heritage Group and has steered the group in listing pubs of historical interest and helped produce many CAMRA titles on heritage pubs.

BILL AUSTIN (Watford) If there's something that a campaign needs, it's funds - something that Bill Austin has been instrumental in for many years. Bill is a dedicated real ale campaigner and pub supporter - often helping out at CAMRA HQ and helping to run many an auction at beer festivals. Recognised as a top campaigner, he has helped safeguard CAMRA's future with his fundraising successes.

RICHARD BOSTON (Deceased) The Boston on Beer column might be one of the key reasons CAMRA still exists today. It was mention of the then fledgling Campaign in his Guardian columns in the early 1970s which drove membership numbers up to levels which ensured CAMRA's survival through the first years.

ALISTAIR BOYD (Glasgow) As the longest serving stalwart of CAMRA's APPLE Committee and a former National Executive member, Alistair has campaigned to educate drinkers of the delights of real ale, cider and perry. Alistair's knowledge of CAMRA makes him a key member of its Conference Procedures Committee. Described as someone who "ensures everyone is having fun and is learning something at the same time".

DR CHRIS BRUTON (West London) Chris was the fifth national chairman and one of the forces behind the first National Real Ale Festival. He led the Campaign to a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. As chair of the CAMRA Members Investment Club he's seen it grow to a membership of several thousand.

STEVE BURY (South Herts) Steve is the rock around which South Herts branch has been built and he has held every committee position, edited the branch newsletter and organised its first beer festival. Famous for his (and that shirt's) appearances at Members' Weekends, Steve is also the man behind the St Alban's Beer Festival.

CHRISTINE CRYNE (North London) Organiser of CAMRA's Great British Beer Festival (1992-1995), and the first woman to hold the post, Christine has held numerous roles and continues to promote festivals. She is currently organiser of the London Drinker Festival, a contributor to London Drinker and the Full Pint magazines, member of the Market Research Sub Group and Games and Collectibles. She has recently been elected back onto the National Executive.

JOHN CRYNE (North London) The first chairman of Reading and Mid Berks branch, John went on to steer CAMRA's finances back on an even keel in the 1980s and became the Campaign's longest serving national chairman from 1989-99. Currently he is chairman of North London branch, a member of CAMRA's National Finance committee and treasurer of the European Beer Consumers Union.

ANDREW CUNNINGHAM (Nottingham) A CAMRA stalwart, Andrew Cunningham is one of a very small group to have served on a national committee for the past four decades. A respected member of CAMRA's Campaigns Strategy committee, Andrew also received an award at this year's AGM, thanking and recognising his hard work for the Campaign.

GRAHAM DONNING (Rochdale, Oldham & Bury) As the organiser of CAMRA's National Winter Ales Festival for many years Graham has made a significant contribution to the organisation and raised the profile of real ale, and CAMRA's membership, nationally. He's been a vigorous campaigner, a strident voice at Conference, organised numerous beer festivals and signed up many new members.

PETER "SPYKE" GOLDING (Deceased) Although he was well known for the nickname Spyke, Peter Golding also went by the moniker Mr Real Ale in the Nottinghamshire area - a reference to his campaigning locally. Peter was active in CAMRA in the early days of the Nottingham branch and held many positions, including regional director. He was Nottingham branch chair over two periods - sadly passing away in his second, in the latter part of 2010. Many remember the excellence he bought, as editor, to the Nottingham Drinker magazine.

DAVE GOODWIN (Wirral) Former CAMRA national chairman - Dave served on the national executive from January 1988 to 2003, with the latter five years as chairman and director of finance. These years saw CAMRA achieve new levels of stability, increase in revenue and membership. Dave was also the driving force behind the use of direct debit by CAMRA for membership, meaning increased retention rates and therefore massive increase in membership over the past 15 years.

JOE GOODWIN (Deceased) A hugely influential figure in the early days of CAMRA and chairman 1979-80, Joe's influence has lived on in the lives of people he knew. His drive and enthusiasm in the first years of the East Dorset branch helped recruit many members. Joe managed to bring real ale to Hampshire cricket at Bournemouth, and through his great companion Don Dykes, real ale into the AFC Bournemouth supporters club!

MICHAEL HARDMAN (CAMRA founder) The first chairman of CAMRA and one of the four founder members. His journalistic nous got the Campaign off to a great start and won early victories for real ale that laid the foundations for today's organisation. He took CAMRA where the Society for the Preservation for Beer from the Wood couldn't or wouldn't go and the net result is that we now have a thriving real ale scene.

MARK HASLAM (Herefordshire) Crowned Real Ale Campaigner of the Year in 2010 and described as one of CAMRA's leading lights, Mark is revered for his hard work and passion for preserving real ale and pubs. A founder member of Herefordshire branch, Mark gained attention last year, with the successful national campaign to save a local pub - the National Inventory-listed Sun, Leintwardine. As well as continuing his hard work to abolish the use of restrictive covenants, Mark also acts as local beer festival organiser.

MARTYN HILLIER (Canterbury, Herne Bay & Whistable) Creator of the micropub concept, Martyn opened the Butchers Arms in the village of Herne in Kent. The concept has been taken up by others who have followed his lead and opened small community pubs serving the local community with beers from local micro breweries.

CHRIS HOLMES (Nottingham) An active member in the early years of CAMRA before going on to become national chairman between 1975-76, Chris is renowned for his achievements in promoting real ale and CAMRA. After becoming chairman, he continued his passion by taking over the Old King's Arms in Newark, which had been closed for some years. Out of this early acquisition came the successful Tynemill Ltd and Castle Rock brewery.

MARC HOLMES (South Cheshire) A member of the Campaign since 1990, Marc joined at the Great British Beer Festival in Brighton, and has since - as organiser for nine years - taken CAMRA's flagship beer festival to new heights. Previously a CAMRA regional director, and chairman of the APPLE committee, he has seen GBBF attendance increase by 50 per cent since it moved to Earls Court in 2006.

CHRIS HUTT (South East Sussex) His seminal work The Death of the English Pub (1973) encapsulated the challenges that faced the new Campaign for the Revitalisation of Ale. Chris Hutt became the second national chairman in 1974. He was also the first MD of CAMRA Real Ale Investments, set up to buy pubs in real ale deserts and to give choice to local drinkers.

MICHAEL JACKSON (Deceased) Michael's books opened up huge new vista for beer, introduced countless people to beer styles from across the world. His World Guide to Beer and the TV series the Beer Hunter introduced many new beers. Michael was a champion for beers of all styles and raised beer writing to a new level so that it could stand its ground alongside wine.

LYNDA AND STUART JOHNSON (Furness) Lynda and Stuart have been tireless campaigners for real ale for many years. turning the Tiger Tops pub in Wakefield into a real ale Mecca and brewery. They've now taken over and developed the Prince of Wales, Foxfield, Cumbria.

RHYS JONES (Ceredigion) A prominent member of the APPLE committee, Rhys is heavily involved in many tastings including the annual Champion Cider of the Year competition. He works tirelessly to help the Ceredigion branch - which, despite being in a sparsely populated area, continues to grow. Rhys holds the position of deputy regional director Wales (South) and is a Wales region area organiser.

DAN KANE (Deceased) One of the early Scottish campaigners, Dan was instrumental in setting up the Edinburgh and Tayside branches as well as being a leading light in Glasgow. Having held the position of Edinburgh branch chairman, Dan was also Scottish regional director and a National Executive member before taking up the helm at the Good Beer Guide-listed Southsider, Edinburgh, as licensee. The annual Dan Kane award was set up as a memorial to him, which recognises technical innovation in the brewing or pubs industry.

NEIL KELLETT (Stockport & South Manchester) One of CAMRA's early campaigners, Neil Kellett was also CAMRA's first auditor, and remained so until retiring just after the turn of the millennium. Neil also sat on the Finance committee until 2009 and set up the CAMRA Members Investment Club. Neil was also instrumental in establishing the Stockport & South Manchester branch.

GRAHAM LEES (CAMRA founder) A journalist from the north west, his organisation of a trip to Ireland in 1971 is now that of folklore. As first company secretary and co-founder, his passion for membership recruitment saw the first membership cards printed in 1972, with early records kept in a shoebox. Responsible for the original Campaign for the Revitalisation of Ale name, Lees is cited by co-founder Michael Hardman as a driving force who always envisaged CAMRA becoming a consumer organisation.

JIM MAKIN (CAMRA founder) Another of the Campaign's co-founders. In 1971, Jim worked at Salford brewery and, as a lifelong friend of Graham Lees, joined the other co-founders on their now historic vacation to Ireland. While sitting in what Bill Mellor reckoned was the westernmost pub in Europe, Jim was elected first treasurer of CAMRA.

TIM MARTIN (Watford & District) Only 24 years old when opening his first pub, in Muswell Hill, London, the Wetherspoon founder and chairman swapped his career as a barrister for a life in the pub trade. Tim has since gone on to secure an estate of more than 800 pubs, with in excess of 200 featuring in the latest Good Beer Guide. His real-ale-no-jukebox approach has meant many small brewers have been able to reach new audiences.

BILL MELLOR (CAMRA founder) One of the co-founders, and like Hardman and Lees, a journalist. As CAMRA's first events organiser, Bill was an important part of the first AGM in that many attendees were friends of his (and Lees'). Mellor is credited by Michael Hardman as coming up with What's Brewing for CAMRA's monthly newspaper.

GREG MULHOLLAND (Leeds) Leeds MP Greg has taken the battle for protecting pubs and promoting real ale right to the heart of Parliament. Since being elected into in 2005 he has spearheaded the campaign to save pubs and launched (and is chairman of) the All Party Parliamentary Pub Group. Greg has done much to highlight issues of pubcos and the beer tie.

JOHN NORMAN (Kingston & Leatherhead) John has been active in CAMRA since the 1980s and has sat on just about every national committee (as well as organising GBBF). As well as helping CAMRA steer a stable course through his chairmanship of the Conference Procedures Committee, he's remained a grass-roots faithful, serving most positions in his local branch and as organiser of Kingston and Surrey beer festivals.

BARRIE PEPPER (Leeds) Long-standing CAMRA member and one of the country's best known beer writers, Barrie was previously British Guild of Beer Writers chairman between 1991-1998, and a winner of six Guild awards. Barrie has authored 19 books and written for countless publications. In recent times, Barrie campaigned tirelessly to try and keep Tetley's in Leeds.

ROGER PROTZ (South Herts) Beer writer extraordinaire including editing of the Good Beer Guide 1978-83 and 2000-2012. He has contributed to, and edited, What's Brewing. The public face of CAMRA communications for decades through the changing CAMRA National Executives he is also founder and past chairman of the British Guild of Beer Writers, All Party Parliamentary Beer Drinker of the Year and twice Glenfiddich Drinks Writer of the Year.

ALAN RISDON (Westmorland) An early CAMRA campaigner - Alan was one of the first 100 to join. Described as an indefatigable campaigner and a true gentleman, Alan has helped the Westmorland branch go from strength to strength and is still an active member. The brewery liaison officer for Hawkshead brewery, Alan also coordinates advertising and subscriptions for the Westmorland newsletter and finds time to run an online listing of all the breweries in the British Isles that have existed here since 1971.

ANDY SHAW (Huntingdonshire) An original member of CAMRA's IT Advisory Group, Andy is instrumental in many of the IT solutions CAMRA takes for granted, including the development of CAMRA's Heritage Pubs website and Brewery Information System. A busy man at local level as well, Andy is branch festival and area organiser plus newsletter editor.

MICHAEL SLAUGHTER (Peterborough) Mick's years of photographing the country's historic pub interiors have formed the bedrock of the various CAMRA national and regional guides extolling the country's historic pub interiors. As well amassing piles of pub interior photos Mick is also one of the organisers of the Games and Collectables stall for GBBF and devisor of fiendish games.

COLIN VALENTINE (Edinburgh & SE Scotland) Appointed national chairman in February 2010, Colin was previously vice chairman, as well as a regional director and chairman of CAMRA's Edinburgh and South East Scotland branch. He is described as having an unshakeable belief in the cause of real ale and pubs. So far in his early reign as chairman, Colin has highlighted the danger of cheap alcohol in supermarkets.

PAULA WATERS (Telford & East Shropshire) Paula topped her great and long contribution to the Campaign by serving as the first woman chairman of the organisation for six years and did much to dispel the myth that beer drinking is just for men. Among her other senior roles within CAMRA, Paula was GBBF organiser and still is much involved in the festival, responsible for staffing.

TIM WEBB (Cambridge) Beer journalist and long standing CAMRA member who managed to expand the horizons of beer lovers everywhere by introducing drinkers to the delights of Belgian beer. As well as being a GBBF organiser, Tim was co-founder of CAMRA's publishing company.

STEVE WESTBY (Nottingham) A lifelong real ale campaigner, Steve's influence spreads as far and wide. The now national LocAle scheme started life in Nottingham, with Steve playing a key role. His busy campaigning also includes serving as East Midlands brewery liaison co-ordinator and Nottingham branch chairman.

SIMON WISEMAN (Worcester) Tireless campaigner in the Worcester area and helps run one of the country's largest beer festivals. Simon has been the leading light in the project to establish a national database and online pub guide.